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“Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock.”
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Welcome to

Civitas is the world's first community-driven Play & Earn strategy game.

Collaborate with thousands of like-minded citizens to build, develop, and advance your city. Compete with others for scarce resources to become the city everyone else admires.



Customize your own piece of land to gather valuable resources. Craft and build anything from simple fishing huts to magnificent Wonders of the World. Make your land stand out and bring the globe's attention to your doorstep.

Mountain exploration


Go outside and explore the world in Augmented Reality! Play exciting mini-games, alone or with your friends. Win fantastic prizes or find lost treasures and rare resources.

Treasure chest


Civitas is powered by CITI - the Governance and Utility token for the in-game economy. Use the CITI Token to make your voice heard as you participate in setting the direction of Civitas, all while advancing your own ambitions.

roman citizen
In ancient Rome citizenship was the path to power. Civitas, full Roman citizenship, was prized by those who had it and coveted by those who did not. Will this be the path you choose?
A city is only as strong as its Citizens. You must do your part to make sure your city evolves in economic strength and technology. Your choices matter.
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Become a

Becoming a Citizen is your path to power. Claim citizenship in your favorite city, collaborate with other players and help shape the future of a powerful civilization

Futuristic city

Shape the

Each city within the game is a subDAO - a governance model that allows citizens to decide the future of their city through voting for change, council members, and matters relating to the city treasury.

Powered by the blockchain

Civitas is a fully decentralized NFT game built on the Ethereum chain, powered by an L2 solution for in-game assets.

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